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Beaufort County Sheriff's Office holds news conference on Hurricane Irma updates

We continue to get updates from Lowcountry officials as Hurricane Irma's path changes.

Beaufort County Sheriff's Office has new information for all the residents in the county.

Leaders here at the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office complex told us they are very concerned about flooding during high tide. They urge anyone in the mandatory evacuation zone to leave if they haven't already.

There is a curfew in place right now for the barrier islands already under mandatory evacuation. It will be in place from now until 7 a.m. and then go back into effect Sunday and Monday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Beaufort Jasper Water will be shutting off water at 4 p.m. tomorrow to Hunting, Harbor, and Fripp islands. At noon tomorrow, the sewer system on Fripp Island will be down as well.

Beaufort County is currently under a tropical storm warning, hurricane watch, and storm surge warning. Officials want you to take this storm seriously. The concern is a storm surge of four to six feet - on top of already high tides. 

Sheriff Tanner spoke about the curfew.

"There are probably some bars that are still opening, hurricane parties or whatever you want to call it. We will be working with these folks to educate them on the curfew and we encourage them to go home. We just don't want you rambling around the island," said Sheriff P.J. Tanner, Beaufort County. "You put a 4-6 feet on top of what we saw today, we're going to have some problems on roadways in the county. If you're in a low-lying area and you get cut off based on flooding, then we've got a problem. We can cut a tree off the road and get an ambulance through, but if we have flooding and a road washout, it is going to be hard to get you to a hospital. That's the purpose of the shelters."

We heard from county leaders on flood concerns as well.

"Yards that are sloped down right to the water's edge, these folks need to be thinking about the storm surge coming up towards their house," said Lt. Col. Neil Baxley, Beaufort County. "Go back to last October where that debris line ended, it is probably going to be worse than that."

Shelters will be open at Battery Creek High School, Bluffton High School, and McCracken Middle School at 9 a.m. tomorrow.

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