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Jacksonville preparing for the worst; beach conditions deteriorate

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It's safe to say that Florida will see the absolute worst of this storm. About 6.3 million of the state's approximately 21 million residents have been asked to evacuate.

That's causing a traffic jam as all of those drivers head north. However, the governor is holding off on opening southbound lanes to northbound traffic because he needs the lanes for trucks delivering supplies.

Just 12 short hours before the biggest storm to hit the Jacksonville area in more than a decade and you would think everything was normal. That is until you look a little closer. Virtually empty beaches, sand berms built up around every beach access, and a storm named Matthew to offer another level of education.

"I think we've learned a lot," said Lori Zufall, Jacksonville Beach Resident. "I mean I've lived here 13 or 14 years now. I think every time something like this happens we get a little bit better at responding so we're not so oh it's OK it'll blow over, it's just a category one so I think taking it a little more seriously and being more prepared definitely helps with recovery time."

But two major storms in less than a year has got to wear on what many would consider a perfect way of life, right?

David: "Does this discourage you at all to the beach life? "

 "Not at all," said Holly Taylor, Jacksonville Beach Resident. "Never. I love it out here. If you're going to live in Florida this is where you should live.

David: "Just the price of paradise for you?"

Taylor: "Absolutely."

David: "Do you think twice about the price of paradise?"

"You have to respect the ocean," said Leo Bettini, Jacksonville Beach Resident. "I've lived down south all my life, so you kind of have to be mobile September, August and get ready for the hurricanes."

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