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Coastguard prepares ahead of Irma on Hunter Army Airfield

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Coastguard Air Station Savannah is getting ready for Hurricane Irma.

Crews are flying in from all across the country to Hunter Army Airfield. 

Coastguard crews are here preparing to reposition based on where Hurricane Irma goes. Originally the coastguard was positioning themselves along the gulf coast but now that Irma has moved west lots of resources are here.

5 air crews are here in Savannah normally and now about 15 additional air crews have been brought in from places like Miami, Detroit, and Cape Cod to name a few. About 20 total aircraft will be available for rescue and recovery efforts dealing with Irma.

Crews don't know exactly where they will be going just yet to perform tasks like water rescues but once hurricane force winds subside and damage assessments come in they will respond.

"Doesn't matter what part of the country we are all Americans," said Capt. Marshall Branch, Commanding Officer, Coastguard Air Station Savannah. "When another part of the country is hurting we will respond because someone from here is from there as well."

We caught up with one coastguard service member from Miami, he's very concerned about what's happening back home but will be proactive in helping as many people as he can dealing with Irma's destruction.

"I am just happy my family is safe and knowing they are safe, let me focus on my job and help any of the people of Florida," said Lt. Eric Vryheid, Coastguard Air Station Miami.

No word on when those damage assessments will come in but the Coastguard says they are ready.

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