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High tides, rain and wind lead to flooded roads, homes in southern Chatham County

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One of the more harrowing stories we came across as remnants of Irma moved through our area, a Rose Dhu woman with knee-deep water her home after floodwaters came rushing in. 

That woman is OK, and still able to stay in her home, despite several feet of water surrounding her house .. at one point rushing in causing her family to fear for her safety. 

If you ask Elaine Harris, she was never afraid, just unnerved. 

"I was just kind of in a state of shock because I've never experienced water surrounding me like that," said Harris.

In fact, she didn't really notice, until the water started creeping into her home of more than five decades.

"I was sitting here reading a book, I didn't think too much about it," said Harris.

As the water rose, so too did the level of concern from her family, who had to wait for a water rescue team to get to her house. 

"It was deep. Firemen came, it was waist deep. as they walked in my yard," said Harris.

Harris opted to stay, and soon after she was checked on, her family got the word she was safe.

"They still said there was about five to six inches of water in her living room, but she's all good. She's alright," said Michael Reyes, Harris' grandson.

The speed at which the water came up was what surprised many longtime residents of the Coffee Bluff neighborhood.

The water levels and wind, nothing like what they experienced last year during Hurricane Matthew.

More water, that drove some to take more risks to check on the family. Fortunately, despite flooded homes and downed power lines, there were no reported injuries.

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