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Pinpoint residents faced with cleanup after Irma

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Another hurricane means another long cleanup in Chatham County's Pinpoint community.

The roads are full of massive piles of debris from the marsh. Considering what happened with Hurricane Matthew, many here are thankful the damage isn't much worse.

Henri Cruse and his friends loaded up trailer number four after hour number 8 of cleaning up this afternoon.

"It was pretty rough. A lot of wind, a lot of water, water came all the way up in the yard. Surrounding the house,” said Cruse.

He waited out the storm at his house—anxiously watching the water creep up on his property.

"I was watching. It came probably within 6 inches of coming in the house,” said Cruse.

That storm surge pushed bottles and trash into Cruse's yard. All of that trash is now his problem. If Matthew taught them anything, it's that they can clean up.

"We cleaned up last time. We jumped out here today and we started cleaning up. We're just going to pile up everything on the road and let the county pick it up,” said Cruse.

As for the rising tide and white caps they experienced, that was a first for everyone out here.

"First I've ever seen it this high in 70 years. I was watching it. I thought it would come in forward but it went this, all the white caps,” said Charlie Harris.

The water crested just feet from his home. Driving around Pinpoint, you can tell the damage is nowhere near as bad as what they experienced last year with Hurricane Matthew.

"Matthew took out all the bad trees. We didn't have too much bad trees but the water was a problem,” said Cruse. "We'll take care of it. A little bit at a time."

That will mean several more trailers of trash and marsh debris in the coming days. The neighborhood is still without power. Power crews were out there working Tuesday. It's still too early to know when they'll be finished with the restoration work.

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