Shellman Fish Camp in McIntosh County recovering from Hurricane Irma

Shellman Fish Camp in McIntosh County recovering from Hurricane Irma

MCINTOSH CO., GA (WTOC) - McIntosh County has certainly taken a beating with Hurricane Irma. This time last night, 98 percent of the county didn't have power.

Only three times in 51-years has Jimmy Mason been worried about his house and the river rising - but fourth time was the well not so charming Irma. Irma brought the river so high that nobody could have imagined.

"The people over there lost their sock and the water came up to the top of the pilings, and one more foot, we would have lost the sailboat and this dock," said Jimmy Mason, Shellman Bluff.

The new owner of the Shellman Fish Camp, aka Downtown Shellman, says he's been through David and Matthew but this one...

"We were just over overwhelmed when we cam down here this morning, no starting work today," said Trey Coursey, Shellman Fish Camp.

The dock has structural damage but Coursey says he's ready to get back to business.

"I think we'll get through it and make some changes to improve for the next storm but it was certainly an eye opener," said Coursey.

The surge was an eye opener all around. The assistant fire chief says it was nothing

"When you tell someone about a storm surge, and unless they've seen it or been through it, they don't understand, but now when we tell them hey, we're going to have a storm surge, they know what to expect," said Clay Hutchinson, Assistant Chief, McIntosh Fire.

And Even though Mr. Mason lost a lot in his home, he's concerned he may lose out on future business.

"Let's hope it doesn't take all the shrimp and fish out. Them shrimp will follow a high tide like that," said Mason.

Some encouragement here in Darien. The National Guard based out of Charleston is here waiting to answer the call for help in Florida.

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