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Cleaning up in Glynn County

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Recovery from Hurricane Irma in Glynn County will obviously take longer for some than for others. But there is no question recovery is in hyperdrive already. Thanks in part to the clear path opened up by law-enforcement.

But, not even blocks from the Sheriff's Office, Byron Nail had something else open up.

David Klugh" "Was there any sign that this tree look like it was going to fall?"

"None whatsoever," said Byron Nail, Homeowner. "What do you think brought it down? The saturation of the soil with the rain and then we had some really stiff what do you call it gusts of wind."

And uninsured Byron Nail's recovery will also look a little different than most. He will not be allowed to spend one more night in his Brunswick home. Most homes in the wake of Hurricane Irma did not have to support the weight of 100-year-old oak.  Still, when driving through this community there is a constant. The water is gone but the debris is everywhere.

Glynn County Sheriff Neal Jump has focused all of his officers as well as cooperating agencies and the national guard on the protection of property and people and keeping those who have no business here out. Yet for those who do have business here, the news is not good.

"If we can get the roads clear, if we can get the power back on, water and sewer and everything they need, hopefully within two or three days we can be up and and take care of our local citizens, Who have went out of town and are concerned about their property and get them back in here," said Neil Jump, Glynn County Sheriff.

On St Simons Island, shop owners and homeowners are slowly but surely lowering the defenses they put up against Irma. The downed trees and minor flooding in the tourist areas will not keep this attraction down for long.

In fact, some like Peter Boyton are already flying high. Boyton creates beautiful aerial photography using a kite - a Thomas Edison version of the modern day drone. And Irma will make a perfect shot.

David Klugh: "I would be worried I would destroy my camera because I can't keep a kite in the air." 

"Well, you learn how to fly a kite first," said Peter Boyton, St. Simons Island Resident. "Then you put the camera up."

David Klugh: "So this isn't just pleasure flying a kite after the storm this is serious business here?"

Boyton: "Yeah, but it's fun. It's an excuse to go fly a kite."

Another example of how the human spirit sets sail in the grips of adversity.

Still no word on when County leaders will give the all clear for the folks who evacuated St Simons Island, Brunswick and Jekyll Island to return. But the power to make that decision will no doubt be dependent upon the ability of these men and women to return power to those communities. 

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