Chatham County debris cleanup continuing following Irma

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Now that the worst of Irma has passed, residents all across Chatham County are gradually trying to get their lives back to normal, even as some still deal with power outages, clearing out debris and damage.

On the west end of the county, off Quacco Road, a huge limb came crashing through a home inside the Quacco Village community, actually hitting the woman living inside.

Tammy Harper said, "Right when I walked away, it bumped the back of my head a little bit, but I ran, and I ran back into the back bedroom. And I was crying and all upset."

Thankfully, she wasn't seriously injured, but Harper said she's still without power and hoping for some help covering the cost of repairs, since she doesn't have home owners insurance. In Garden City, the parking lot of the Westside Center was a lake on Monday, and a temporary home for a six-foot gator.

"We've heard rumors that he lived back there, we never knew it, but now we know he lives there. So I guess he probably came out and figured this whole area was his and he was looking to stake a new territory," said Auto Zone Store Manager David Freeman.

The lot's dry now, and the inch or so of water once inside the Auto Zone has cleared out, and the store is back open for business. 
To the east side of the county, Lloyd Hodges patrolled the debris-lined streets with his bulldog Maggie, and weighed in on how bad he thinks Irma hit his neighborhood. 
"After looking around, this was very mild to the last one," said Hodges, referencing Hurricane Matthew.

With perhaps one of the best views on the island to watch the storm bands from Irma roll in, was retired Army Colonel Richards Stewart. Having served in World War 2, Korea and Vietnam, Stewart said experiencing Irma was no problem.

"Storm is a storm is a storm, you know. Look what it did to my flag pole," said Stewart, pointing to a flag pole in his backyard.

The pole has a slight bend, but it's still standing, despite high winds and water covering this tall grass all the way to the tree line in the distance.

"It just came and made a noise and left," said Stewart.

Stewart said he stays for the peace of mind, and glad he did so he could keep an eye on his home of more than forty years.

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