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City of Tybee working hard to get island back up and running

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Usually, when you ride down the strip of Tybee Island with your windows down, you hear seagulls and beach visitors, but Wednesday, it was rakes and bulldozers instead. 

We spent the day checking up the cleanup efforts as residents say the island runs on tourism and they need to clean up so vacationers will come back. Now that the sun is out and the beach is open, gloves are on and rakes are out. 

Business owners are tidying up to get the island back up and running. That includes the Visitor Center - a first stop for many people who head to the island. Rental homes have people on the way and restaurants have started firing up the grills. One homeowner evacuated for Hurricane Irma but installed video surveillance cameras to watch the effects the storm would have on his home. 

"Up until the power went out, I was able to sit and sort of watch the progress of the storm. I could look out at the street and see, 'okay, the surge hasn't hit yet, the surge hasn't hit yet.' Then you could see the water starting to creep up. Then the power went out and I Just had to sit and worry until people started sending me Facebook pictures," said Don McLemore, Tybee resident. 

We got out to the island around noon on Wednesday, and even now, people haven't taken a break from getting things back to ship shape. 

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