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GA Attorney General cracking down on price gouging

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Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr says his office has received about 150 reports of price gouging after Governor Nathan Deal declared a state of emergency due to Hurricane Irma. 

All of Georgia's counties fell under that declaration, which in part protects consumers by keeping retailers from raising from raising the prices of commodities like gas and groceries during that declaration. 

We spoke with Attorney General Carr about what's next for all those reported cases, and what could happen if the businesses are found in violation. It's a stiff penalty for those found guilty of price gouging, anywhere from $2-15,000 in fines per violation. 

We've even taken calls here in the WTOC 24-hour Newsroom from viewers looking for the number to report suspected gouging. Attorney General Carr says his office has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to gouging, and that each allegation will be thoroughly investigated. We asked the top law enforcement officer in the state what kinds of goods they were getting the most complaints on. 

"Mostly regarding gas, lodging, and water, and we will look into each and every one of those allegations. And again, I just encourage folks to continue to let us know if they think price gouging is going on, and we will hold those accountable who are found guilty of price gouging," Attorney General, Carr. 

The Attorney General says they will also be closely monitoring repair scams and he warns consumers to be on the lookout as recovery efforts from the storm get underway. 

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