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Good News: Food donation

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Two Savannah churches got together Thursday for an event to bring relief to people who lost power or food during Hurricane Irma. 

The event was open to the entire community. 

Along with its unpleasantness, Irma also left opportunity for the First Tabernacle and First African Baptist Churches. 

"To show the community that we love them and that God has not forgotten any of us, and this was just a calling to know that we can still do this and we can all come together," said Davita Capers, First Tabernacle Baptist Church member. 

The two churches got together to provide free lunch for anyone who wanted it. One-thousand hamburgers and hot dogs were grilled in Culver Heights as a welcome and relief to those who lives were disrupted by Irma. 

"Today, we called it 'love for the city,' and we know that at times like these, people just need to know they're loved. They've been frustrated on the roads, they've been evacuated from their houses, and now we're returning and trying to get a sense of normalcy. Sometimes, the extra effort makes a difference," said Pastor Andre Osborne, First Tabernacle Baptist Church. 

The churches donated the food and volunteers responded in 24 hours to a call to help those still struggling with the effects of Irma. 

"We were looking at the fact that some of our students who depend on lunch won't be getting that. We're looking at the fact that there are still some neighborhoods without power. We want to be of service to them. Perhaps they spent a lot of money evacuating and maybe this will help to even it out a little bit," said Pastor Osborne. 

The free lunch certainly helped the mood in the community, as did the open invitation. 

"The elderly have come by. We're asking people to bring plates to those who don't have transportation, anyone who's riding up and down the street. There's no title, no stipulations to who can have food here today. They're surprised, but they shouldn't be. This is the way it should be," Capers said. 

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