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Irma flood water attracts alligators in Coastal Empire

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Hurricane Irma brought the high flood waters - but she also brought the alligators. 

Not too long after we were reporting from the Westside Shopping Center, a viewer sent us pictures of a six-foot gator using that same parking lot as a lake. 

We met up with wildlife specialist Trapper Jack on Thursday to learn more about the issue. He told us he'd caught three in the Savannah area on Thursday alone. He says they've had multiple calls following Irma - and says you should keep your eyes out. He says the more the flood waters go back out, the more the gators will come up. 

Savannah is chomping at the bit to say goodbye to flooding, but it also means they're saying hello to the gators. 

"The gator was right there trying to get his fish hook. I threw another hook over, snagged him and pulled him in, put tape on his mouth, and put him in the truck. Here he is."

This gator was only one among a heap of calls. 

"Chatham County Police called this morning and said there were two swimming around the homeless village on Louisville Road," Trapper Jack told us. 

Another call came from Hinesville, and not long after that one, the call came for the six-footer off of Chatham Parkway.

"As the water goes down, they get trapped in places they're not normally at," said Trapper Jack. 

He says this year is a record year. Two-hundred calls is pretty normal, but this year, they're pushing over 300 so far. 

"This is the biggest one I have; 13, almost 14-foot," he said. 

Heads up...this is just the beginning. 

"I think the calls will pick up as the gators get stranded. People will see them when people start to investigate their property to see what damage they got," Trapper Jack said. 

Look at your home, look at your property, but do keep a look out - because you might be giving Trapper Jack a call yourself. 

Trapper Jack says if you do see one lurking around, stay calm and stay clear. He says 99 percent of the time they attack, it's when someone tries to feed them. 

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