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Georgia Power: 97 percent of Savannah's power restored

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Georgia Power tells us 97 percent of the Savannah area now has power. 

Earlier Friday morning, the company projected to only have 95 percent up and running by Saturday night. Now, they're hoping to have 100 percent back in business by late Friday evening. 

Georgia Power says over 1,000 additional employees came to the area to pitch in - from as far as Canada. They say an additional 500 came on Friday, and that's why lights started to come on so quickly. As soon as employees come into the area to help, they're sent into the field. That could be anyone from forresters, linemen, contractors, or tree crews. Georgia Power says they start restoring power to the most populated areas first, then they work their way down. 

Now that they're dwindling down into the remaining few, they've reached the toughest situations. They say they can only provide power to those that can take it. 

"Now what that means is - we know that there are some customers whose houses are damaged to the extent that they're going to have to get electricians to help them before we can provide service to them," said Swann Seiler, Manager of Corporate Communications, Georgia Power. 

As we drove down the street, it's filled with debris but bare of people. Until we came across a man sitting on his porch.

His wife and kids are staying with relatives but he says he's powering through until power returns.

A friend loaned him a generator to at least power the fridge and his laptop for work. But he says working inside in this heat is a piece of work in itself. 

Georgia Power says they start restoring power to the most populated areas first. Then - they work their way down. 

This street is on the remaining to do list - and Tedder's neighbors are standing by waiting for Georgia Power to check them off.

"Both sides of the house - they're still in the houses but they're kind of doing what I'm doing. Just trying to tough it out," said Royston Tedder, Magnolia Park Resident.

Tedder says when that happens - his first step is to turn on the AC then call his wife and kids to tell them to come on home. 

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