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Fort Pulaski still flooded, unable to enter

(Source: Frances Quinney Rasmussen) (Source: Frances Quinney Rasmussen)

The fort is in a way, impenetrable thanks to Irma.  The second highest tide on record washed away two bridges, not lost though, just off their pilings.

We finally were able to walk around the fort; however, after five full days of water slowly draining back into the Savannah River.  The National Park Service as a whole is going to be spread thin due to widespread park damage through through Florida. Chief of Interpretation at Fort Pulaski, Joel Cadoff, says his team is better prepared for clean up now, thanks to last year.  

He said, "They'll be certainly times when we're airing out rooms, mopping down mud, three, four, five, six times to get floors clean, but it's still not quite the level that we had to go with Matthew," 

Irma may have been massive, but inches made a huge difference at Fort Pulaski.  Matthew's flooding inside a day after seen from above in a Coast Guard helicopter versus Irma's flooding a day later seen from the Chatham County Helicopter.

Cadoff says, "Words don't come to my mind how bad it could have been." Rangers are storm weary but are not slowing down.  He added, "We could all be depressed and hang our shoulders, but we're lucky we have a really resilient staff, we have a wonderful family out here and once again rally."

The rangers take care of the this national landmark, but I learned today  that the fort protected some of them during the the tornado.

"We had some staff, they sheltered inside the demilune, there are a couple of powder magazines in there.  They lost their cars, but they were safe." Said Cadoff. "Fort Pulaski has taken care of its people; I can't say the weather has taken care of it." 

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