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Coffee Bluff area resident cleaning up after Irma's floodwaters

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As is the case for many around Chatham County, cleaning up is an ongoing effort and will be for some time. It sure is for long-time Rose Dhu resident, Elaine Harris. 

"My house has not been flooded, they tell me, since the late 1800s," she said. 

A visible water line shows just how high the water got around Harris' home, trapping her for several hours on Monday until the water receded. If you ask her, Harris says even that wasn't that bad of an experience.

"My life was never in danger. I was cut off from the rest of the world, but so what? That didn't bother me too much," she said. 

Even when a water rescue team waded up to her home in waist-deep water, she opted to stay. She's since had to stay at a hotel because of extensive water damage to her house and just about everything on the first floor. She says Monday's experience was a breeze compared to the cleanup. 

"The part that I'm experiencing right now is the worst part of it. I've kind of come close to tears at times, dealing with this," she said. 

Harris says she's lucky, though, compared to others in Irma's path, and is pushing ahead to get life back to normal. 

Harris has lived in that home for more than five decades and says she's never even seen water get up that high on her property. 

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