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Tybee mayor hopes to rebuild sand dunes

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Residents and homes on Tybee are still recovering from Hurricane Irma's storm surge. With hurricane season still in full swing - Tybee Mayor Jason Buelterman tells us, people out there can no longer rely on dunes for protection. 

During Irma, we saw the water completely penetrate through these barrier dunes and take them out. The Tybee Mayor tells us they've been working on a recovery plan for years. The problem? Lack of support from Congress. 

He says they've been arguing to not only re-nourish the beach but build dunes. He doesn't just want to put sand on the beach. He says we need to fill in the gaps - and really reconstruct these dunes for protection.

The Mayor actually went to Washington and testified for this long-term plan about 6 months ago. With yet still no help - he says they're now going to take matters into their own hands. 

"There was actually a smaller scale plan that was supposed to start Monday. The day it hit actually. On the North end of the island. So we're gonna get to it as soon as we can. I'm hopeful that will happen sometime before the new year," said Mayor Jason Buelterman.

In that plan, the city is going to purchase sand and supplies themselves to get the beach back to where it needs to be so the flooding we saw from Irma doesn't happen again. Another thing to note is safety out here on Tybee.

He says as Jose and other storms stir up these waters - know that lifeguards are no longer on hand out here. Be smart. Be safe. And don't get in the waters during high tide. 

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