Chatham Co. Mosquito Control reducing any risks after Hurricane Irma's flooding

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - With all of the flooding Hurricane Irma brought, mosquito control teams are already working to reduce any risks.

Chatham County Mosquito Control technicians are out checking places that regularly collect standing water. Mosquito Control Director Jeff Heusel says he doesn't expect to see the mosquito explosion after Hurricane Irma like we saw after Matthew, and with an active West Nile virus season, crews are already spraying regularly.

"We've got a fairly active West Nile activity in our mosquitos, we're having to respond to that anyway. If we get a bunch of mosquitos as a result of Irma, then it's just one more thing added to it, basically," Heusel said.

Mosquito Control says with so much of the county impacted, it's more efficient to spray and kill adult mosquitos instead of larvae in the water. He says crews started helicopter spraying Sunday night, and were out again Monday.

"There's always that concern. Since we do have the issue with West Nile right now, the big message we want to get out to people is take precautions when you're going out, you know. If you're going out during dusk and dawn, wear repellant, wear some type of, if possible, long sleeve clothing," Heusel said.

He says he doesn't expect the explosion of mosquitos like we saw after Matthew, and he expects treatment to be shorter too. He thinks it'll take about a week to get them under control.

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