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Hometown Hero: Jenna's Hugs after Hurricanes


One little girl has come up with a big way to help young hurricane victims. 

Before she had even returned home from her own evacuation, six-year-old Jenna Peltier knew she wanted to do something for children affected by the recent hurricanes. 

"It started out as a simple idea from her just wanting to give some stuffed animals of hers to make people feel safe and happy," said Christina Peltier, Jenna's mother. 

That thought turned into Jenna's Hugs After Hurricanes, a stuffed animal drive to collect items to comfort children displaced by Harvey and Irma - anyone along the East Coast or in Texas who could use a hug right now. They'll be delivered with this six-year-old's wish.

"Feel loved, feel safe and happy," Jenna said. 

Jenna's wish has gained popularity on Facebook, with donations already coming in from as far away as California, and Saturday, she and her mom will hold a stuffed animal drive at Cowart Realty in Savannah with the goal of collecting thousands of stuffed animals to sooth thousands of children. 

It's a collection Jenna started by donating her own stuffed animals. 

"She has actually hugged each one individually to give away. She has decided we are going to individually wrap a little band around each one with a note from her. It's turned into a lot more than we could ever dream of," Jenna's mom said. 

Jenna got a head start last weekend when the Litter Box on Hilton Head invited her to have her pick of stuffed animals for the drive, and support has taken off online for this WTOC Hometown Hero and what she is trying to do for other kids. 

"She's always been a very caring little girl. She always says Hi to strangers and tries to make people feel better. There are days when I doubt that I know what I'm doing, but just to hear the words from a six-year-old, 'I want to help these people,' is phenomenal," her mother said. 

Jenna's main drive will be held this Saturday, Sept. 23. They will be accepting gently used small and medium-sized stuffed animals that will then be sent to children in areas that were hit hard by the hurricanes. 

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