Good News: Supplies drive for Florida Keys

Good News: Supplies drive for Florida Keys

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - There are parts of the Southeast that were hit so much harder by Hurricane Irma than we were in the Coastal Empire.

One Savannah man is doing what he can to help people in one of those areas with a supplies drive for storm victims in the Florida Keys.

Because he has multiple hometowns, Josh Beard had more than one reaction to Hurricane Irma, and only one was relief that the town he lives in was mostly missed by the storm.

"I'm from the Florida Keys,'' said Beard. "I'm trying to give back to the community I grew up in.''

He is getting the support of the community where he lives to do that. Beard has organized a supplies drive for the Keys, but in addition to food and water, he is also collecting large items to bring down there.

"I wanted to gather generators obviously, gasoline, power cords, and fans,'' said Beard. "And air mattresses and sleeping bags so they can have something comfortable to sleep on besides the floor.''

Beard will be collecting items at the Pooler YMCA and at Renovations Doctor in Rincon until Friday. He's partnering with another supplies drive being organized by former residents of the Keys in Daytona Beach and they will coordinate delivery of everything they collect this weekend.

"Just trying to help out the community of people who have lost homes,'' he said, "and trying to get back the stuff they need.''

The former firefighter has been proud to see his current hometown rally around his former hometown, like Melissa Hendrix, who dropped off cleaning supplies.

"We were in that situation last year, so we know how it feels,'' said Hendrix. "So, you just always help people in need, it doesn't matter where you are.''

"It just goes to show you,'' added Beard, "that a lot of people have great hearts still and help out other people in need.''

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