SCMPD issues warning after numerous vehicle thefts, break-ins

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Lock it or lose it. That's the message from Savannah-Chatham Metro Police following a string of car break-ins and vehicle thefts all around the city last week.

Eleven cars were stolen in total, and 22 were broken into. Police say still too many people aren't properly locking up their property. We spoke with police about what needs to be done to reverse the trend.

Police really want people to be more proactive on this issue, adding that no matter how safe or secure you feel in your neighborhood, there's always potential for someone to come along looking to take advantage when your guard is down. Metro says out of the 11 cars stolen last week, only one car owner told them they properly locked their vehicle. About half were not only unlocked, some of those still had the keys inside.

Police say many thefts like this are crimes of opportunity, and the second you leave something in plain sight, especially in an unlocked car, it becomes fair game.

"What we always ask is, if it's precious enough for you to have or keep, take it with you from the vehicle. At the very least, lock your vehicle. This has been our biggest charge and challenge as we've been dealing with this over, well, since the start of car locks," said APO Marvin Williams, SCMPD.

Three guns were also stolen from the burglarized vehicles, and police say that also serves as a reminder to not only have those peoperly locked up, but also to record serial numbers on those and other valuable items.

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