Tybee mayor looking to Congress for dune funding

TYBEE ISLAND, GA (WTOC) - Residents on Tybee Island are still recovering from Hurricane Irma's storm surge. With hurricane season still in full swing, Mayor Jason Buelterman tells us, people can no longer rely on dunes for protection.

He met with the Army Corps and they're moving forward with a plan to fix the conditions of the dunes. They've been working on this recovery plan for years. The problem? Lack of support from Congress.

The Mayor actually went to Washington and testified for this long-term plan about 6 months ago. With yet still no help - he says they're trying to take matters into their own hands.

Without funding from Congress, it's almost impossible. He says they're arguing to not only re-nourish the beach, but also build dunes. He says Tybee is willing to work with Congress financially, but without their aid, he doesn't know where else to turn.

"The Army Corps' hands are tied. They can only provide us with sand for a beach. They cannot provide us sand for dunes, which is extremely frustrating," said Mayor Buelterman.

Mayor Buelterman says they're still on a warpath, and still moving forward. Both the Army Corps and Congressman Buddy Carter are behind them all the way. WTOC will continue to provide updates on the recovery plans for the dunes out here, as hurricane season is still not over.

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