Senior, Homeless Services Watching for Heat Problems

Lamar Clark, left, makes a delivery.
Lamar Clark, left, makes a delivery.

On everyone's mind is this oppressive summer heat. Heat advisories have been issued for several days in a row now, and today, there was even an excessive heat watch. Different organizations are stepping up efforts to make sure everyone is keeping cool and staying hydrated.

At risk right now are the elderly and the homeless people. So people all over are coming together to make sure they are staying safe in the heat.

When Lamar Clark's red Meals on Wheels truck pulls up, seniors know it's lunch time, with a full meal and all the fixings. "They get a milk and some kind of fruit, today it's cocktail," Clark told us.

And in this heat, they get a little something extra. Clark makes sure every one of his senior friends stays cool. He walks into every house to check the temperature.

And if it's too hot, "Oh yeah, I'll let them know it," he said. "I haven't found anybody like that yet, everyone on this route so far is pretty good."

And Mr. Willie Thomas says he appreciates the special attention and advice. "More than anybody else," he told us.

And people that don't have a permanent home are getting some help too. The Chatham-Savannah Authority for the Homeless is making water deliveries around the community.

"We've tried to galvanize the community to try to get bottled water to anyone on the street who is homeless or to anyone who needs water," said the group's Craig Cashman.

The homeless authority is trying to help prevent heat-related sicknesses. And they say many of the homeless are using the resources available more than usual. "A lot of folks have come to shelters," said Cashman. "Not often do they come in the summer, but it's so darn hot they are looking for shade, cooler temperatures and water."

If you would like to donate, water you can stop at any Savannah-Chatham police precinct, homeless shelter or the Red Cross.

And remember it's very important for all of us to stay hydrated during these brutal temperatures.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,