Tim's Take: Young people helping to end homelessness

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Savannah's homeless weren't visible while Irma was approaching. But that doesn't mean the situation went away.

"Homelessness is a systemic problem. There's not one thing that causes homelessness," said Maggie Lynn, Union Mission Community Outreach.

And Union Mission has rolled out an interesting new system for ending homelessness, targeting a group of people beyond those who are usually called on at traditional functions and fundraisers.

"This was really an idea of how do we start a different conversation? How do we engage young people in a conversation around a systemic problem like homelessness in Savannah," said Julian Lewis, Union Mission Board Member.

So, they invited young professionals to one of Savannah's youngest businesses - Ghost Coast Distillery - to have some fun, share some new ideas and, mostly raise awareness among a so-far untapped resource.

"These are the people who are going to be our leaders in the country now and are going to be leaders in the future and we want them aware and engaged so we can harness their time, talent and energy to make this a better community," said Lynn.

"It's important to engage the youth because they come with creative solutions around technology, how they need to be communicated with and things we may not be thinking of," said Lewis.

The event - and the effort made at it - was a break from traditional thinking, an attempt to see if there might be new solutions to an age-old issue, a call to these kids today to make a better tomorrow.

"The mission tonight is to make new friends. We just want to get people aware of Union Mission and the work we do and how they can get involved," said Lynn.

And, how to move that work forward for Savannah.

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