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Insurance adjusters busy after Hurricane Irma

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Hurricane Irma is long gone from the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry. The cleanup and rebuilding will take months for some victims though. Insurance adjusters are just a few of the people working hard in the aftermath.

They’re working almost 24-7 There are a lot fewer claims than after Hurricane Matthew, but it will still be a very busy end of the year.

"Churning and burning just trying to help people out as much as possible,” said Georgia Farm Bureau Adjuster Spencer Quarles.

We rode along for one of his claims Friday. His goal is 6 per day. The home we went to had minor roof and water damage from the storm. Quarles’ job is to document everything that's messed up.

"So this is vinyl. So when we're pricing it, we want to make sure we price everything as accurate as possible,” said Quarles.

When it comes to fixing your damaged home, the first step is mitigating the immediate damage.

"If you've got a tree on your roof, missing shingles, any type of damage, put a tarp on it. Anything to preserve so in case we do have another rain storm or something coming, you don't want it to get worse,” said Quarles.

After that, call your insurance company and set up a meeting like this. The adjuster will come to your house. The unique thing about this storm is it caused a lot of damage all over the state. Quarles has advice for any homeowners waiting on their adjuster.

"You really have to be patient and understand that we want to get to you. As an insurance adjuster, we want to get you taken care of. Nothing is more important than for us to get you back in the house or get your house back to the way it was before the storm came,” said Quarles.

The result is a home that looks exactly like it did before the storm hit. Insurance adjusters like Quarles will continue their work until all the claims are satisfied.

For a little comparison, Quarles had up to 1700 claims after Hurricane Matthew. In the same area for Irma, he had only a couple hundred. It will still take until about Christmas to finish that work though.

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