Shots fired at 58th Street and Paulsen Avenue prompts investigation

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A resident at the intersection of 58th Street and Paulsen Avenue says he heard multiple gunshots, looked out his window, and saw police cars and another vehicle.

The cause for the shots has not yet been determined. Neighbors say about 10 or more police cars were in the area, both marked and unmarked. Children were also out playing in this neighborhood when the incident took place. One man has lived here for almost 15 years and says he's used to hearing about shootings in Savannah, but he's never experienced anything like this in this neighborhood.

"We were standing around talking about how it had to be right here because it was so loud," says Paulsen Street resident Kevin Quinn. "Then I looked down on the ground and said 'well there's the shell casing'. Then we looked around and there were 3 shell casings right there on the corner."

Quinn says he found one of those shell casings right here by the stop sign and the others trailed around the corner. Officials have confirmed that there were reports of shots fired in the area. No other details have been released at this time.

WTOC will continue to follow this investigation.

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