Savannah City Council vote on Thursday to re-name Talmadge Bridge

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - In August, Savannah Mayor Eddie DeLoach proposed revisiting a potential name change for the Talmadge Bridge, one of Savannah's most recognizable landmarks. Savannah City Council will vote on Thursday to pass a resolution to send a request to the state capital to request that the bridge is re-named.

Savannah Mayor Eddie DeLoach is recommending the name be changed from the Talmadge Bridge to The Savannah Bridge.

"The point they made was it won't be controversial today, and it won't be controversial 70 years from now because it's going to be The Savannah Bridge," the Mayor said. "Overall I think we have a good, large majority who are anticipating doing something, moving forward with it."

His predecessor, former Mayor Edna Jackson, weighed in on the potential new name for the bridge.

"Well I like it," said Jackson. "Anything except for what the bridge is called now."

Jackson says an attempt to get the name changed was made during her time in office, and they had the votes. She says there wasn't any pushback until it got to the capital.

"Politics," says Jackson. "Politics get involved with all of this. Not on the local level, but more so on the state level."

Jackson hopes to finally see the name changed, adding she believes the majority of the community would be proud to have it named for the city that it ushers so many to every year.

A public forum, organized by former Savannah Mayor Otis Johnson, was held at the start of September in Savannah to discuss the possibility of renaming the Eugene Talmadge Memorial Bridge.

Talmadge was a three-term governor in Georgia who publicly held racist and segregationist views. Efforts to rename the bridge to something more inclusive of the whole community have been ongoing for decades.

Mayor Eddie DeLoach says that he feels the time is right, and the support is there to at least get the resolution to the capital to be seriously considered by the Governor and lawmakers.

"I've had some that aren't as excited about it as I am, but that's ok," said Mayor DeLoach. "I think overall we've got a good large majority that is anticipating doing something and moving forward with it."

The Georgia Department of Transportation, the Governor, and others will make the final decision.

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