Consider This: United Way of the Coastal Empire

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A couple of weeks ago, amid the preparations for Hurricane Irma, you may have missed something that is critical to our area's recovery from such disasters.

A day before the Civic Center was turned into an evacuation point and filled with people trying to flee the storm, it was filled with thousands of people with a singular goal of helping those who both need it and want it.

Each year the United Way of the Coastal Empire raises millions of dollars to help fund dozens of agencies that in turn, save thousands of people.

Taking center stage at this year's kickoff was Todd Cellini, the Chair of this year's campaign, to announce this year's goal of more than $8,250,000.  Todd is an educator by trade and he taught us on this day that one person by one person, one dollar by one dollar, we can all make a difference.

And every one of the dollars raised goes directly to charity thanks to the Herschel V. Jenkins Trust Fund that covers all administrative and fundraising costs for the United Way.

But consider this: The United Way is more than just about raising money. It's about raising hope as well. Just days after Irma's destructive winds and waters laid wasted to homes in our area, Hands On Savannah, the volunteer arm of the United Way, gather people one by one to give of their time and help clean up homes on Tybee.

So how can you make a difference? When the United Way comes calling at your work, give what you can, and if you can't give money, then give of your time, because one by one we will all make this community better.

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