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FBI releases 2016 Crime Report; comparing Savannah vs. Atlanta

(Source: ucr.fbi.gov) (Source: ucr.fbi.gov)

New FBI data released in the 'Crime in the United States' annual report shows a decrease in overall crime and an increase in violent crime. 

Nationwide, about 1,250,000 violent crimes were committed last year. That's a four percent increase from 2015. The Brennan Center for Justice found an almost eight percent uptick in murders. 

Breaking those numbers down by state, there were close to 700 murders in Georgia last year and 41,000 violent crimes. For South Carolina, there were 25,000 violent crimes and nearly half of Georgia's murder count. Breaking that down even further in Georgia, Atlanta and Savannah rank in the top three for the state. Atlanta's population is nearly double Savannah's, the city seeing 5,000 violent crimes and 111 murders. Savannah saw 50 murders and 1,000 violent crimes. 

According to the report's 'Crime Clock,' there was a murder every 30 minutes in the U.S. last year - a violent crime occurring every 25 seconds and a property crime occurring every four seconds. 

Took look into the numbers for yourself, click here or take a look at the Crime Clock

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