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Richmond Hill residents frustrated with recent car break-ins

(Source: Richmond Hill PD) (Source: Richmond Hill PD)
(Source: Richmond Hill PD) (Source: Richmond Hill PD)
(Source: Richmond Hill PD) (Source: Richmond Hill PD)
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(Source: WTOC) (Source: WTOC)

It's a crime stirring up a neighborhood of well over 100 families; more than 20 cars were broken into in just one night. 

Now, Richmond Hill Police are trying to catch the thieves before someone gets hurt; specifically before a landowner targets one of these criminals.

We spoke with residents off Highway 17 on Monday, a lot of whom are frustrated. Some are going as far as posting on Facebook that they'll shoot someone they catch in their car. That prompted a post from Richmond Hill Police that said they are advocating for the formation of neighborhood watch groups. They're also warning that arming yourself, while it is a right, can lead to civil and even criminal cases if you shot one of the suspects. 

"I got into the truck earlier in the evening and thought I locked it, but apparently I didn't," said Allan Gunter. 

Allan Gunter is just one of the many victims who went outside and noticed his truck had been rummaged through while he slept. Apparently, those thieves took a quick ride around the neighborhood and hit several people - at least 21 separate incidents. 

"When it happens to you, it really strikes home and makes you think. You've got to be diligent about locking your stuff up all the time, even in your own driveway anymore," Gunter said. 

They didn't get anything in Gunter's car. The same can't be said in other places. 

"You think you're safe and your stuff should be fine, and it's not," said Maggie O'Connor, another nearby resident. 

Police released photos of the thieves opening car doors at one home. In all but two cases, the cars were unlocked. 

"People forget to do things. You get your hands full bringing in groceries and children. You forget to lock the door. It doesn't make it okay for someone to help themselves to your things," O'Connor said. 

As for the armed neighborhood watch, the people we spoke with say it's not something that's seriously being considered. They're going to keep their eyes open, though. 

"I did see the Richmond Hill Police talked about it. I haven't heard from our HOA yet, but I would just probably keep a lookout like I usually do for my neighbors as much as I can," said Silvia Slutsky. 

"Everybody's watching everything now. You don't sleep as well anymore. You're always thinking, it could happen again. It's vehicles this time, is it going to be the house next time," Gunter said. 

That's the main fear now. It's why those living there hope police catch this group quickly. 

Gunter says the scariest part is thinking about a person catching one of these guys in their car - not knowing if they're armed or not. Police are expected to release some sort of update on Tuesday. 

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