Good News: Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

Good News: Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Getting men to talk about their health issues isn't always easy.

It got a little easier this past weekend, thanks to the best-dressed motorcycle group you've ever seen.

Motors revved, wheels roared, and most importantly, minds raced with the information that was at the center of Savannah's snazziest motorcycle event.

"It's something men are not particularly keen on talking about. We're not really good at showing emotions. We're not really good at saying what is wrong with us," said event organizer, Anthony Debrezeny.

Opening men's minds and mouths was the focus of Savannah's Distinguished Gentleman's Ride - an event held to raise awareness to prostate cancer and men's mental health.

"It's good to see everyone come together. We share one thing in common already; that's riding bikes and it takes it forth from that. Might as well do it for a good cause," said Marcel Garner, who participated in the ride.

A total of 183 well-dressed bikers rode from Collins Quarter in downtown Savannah out to Tybee and back as part of a worldwide ride with 75,000 riders in the United States. The Savannah event raised about $30,000 for the Movember Foundation and spread the word about a subject that's not always easy to discuss.

"We're trying to help spread awareness and remove stigmas, so guys aren't afraid and they know they can have feelings and they can show them, and it's ok, and if they need help and they need to talk to somebody, that's okay," said Katie Koller, who participated in the ride.

"That's what today's event is all about - to tell people it's alright to reach out and try to get some help. It's alright to tell people there's something wrong with you," Debrezeny said.

Sunday morning, it was alright to take that cause to the streets of Savannah.

"Go on a long ride out to Tybee and Hutcheson Island, just riding around. It's a pretty town. It'll be a cool ride," Garner said.

And a helpful one.

This was the third year for the ride in Savannah, and each year, it more than doubled the number of participating riders from the previous year.

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