Neighbors recount SWAT situation on Greenwood Street

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Neighbors on Greenwood Street said Tuesday's SWAT scene was unlike anything they'd seen before.

"The scene I saw yesterday was like a movie," said Nichelle Rego, who lives on the street. "The loudspeaker, the big assault rifles, the dogs, just the presence, it was crazy."

The Savannah Chatham Metro Police department and Special Agent Stephen Emmett from the FBI Atlanta Field Office said officers and agents were serving a federal search warrant at 2140 Greenwood St.

Eight agencies including Metro Police SWAT Team members, FBI agents, the SCMPD Hostage Negotiation Team, SCMPD Pct 5, Southside Fire EMS, Savannah Fire, SCMPD Task Force Agent and the SCMPD Robbery Unit were all at the home on Tuesday.

"I've never seen anything in my life like that, not in person like right there," said Rego, who lives across the street from the home. "They were on the microphones addressing them like, 'Come out. We know you're in there.' They were not letting up. They were there for like, it seemed like, three hours at least, and my kids kept calling the tank the ninja turtle truck. Yeah, it was crazy."

Rego said she was in her home when she heard a loud gunshot.

"It's really strange because nothing like that happens around here," she said. "It's a really quiet street. It's mostly kids out playing all the time, good neighbors. We all speak to each other, [say] 'Hey, how you doing?' when we see each other, so yeah. It was really strange that any house, any kind of presence like that on the street. It was really strange."

While most of he neighbors know each other, Rego said those living in 2140 kept to themselves. She said everyone on the street knows the dog that lives there, but no one really knew the people.

"That was one house that was not like all the other neighbors, I guess," she said. "I never really saw much of the people there, like they were either coming or going, coming or going. It was odd. Everyone around here is like, 'What the heck? How?' No one's ever seen anything, like, unusual for all of that. It was a lot. It was a lot."

Rego wasn't sure how many people lived in the home.

Especially with so many children who are often outside in the neighborhood, Rego said the situation was scary.

"The gunshots were scary," she said. "The presence was scary. The dogs were scary. It was just a lot going on, and the kids were all out. I have four that stay here with me, and they were all like, 'What's going on? That's the house with the dog.' We had to stay on our porch. We couldn't come out of the porch, out of the yard. I couldn't get to my truck. I had to like beg the police could I go get my kids something to eat. We were going to get pizza when all of this happened. It was a madhouse."

Metro police public information officers said Wednesday they could only release officers were serving a warrant, no details about what the warrant was for or why a large law enforcement presence was needed. Emmett, from FBI Atlanta, also said he could not discuss the details of the federal search warrant at this time.

Law enforcement agencies WTOC spoke to said it  was an arrest warrant for a bank robbery.

"No one knows," Rego said. "I mean, eventually, we'll find out what happened, and I can't wait for that. That's going to be juicy probably."

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