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SNAP Program info for Chatham County residents

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Sixty-nine counties receive benefits from Georgia's SNAP Program, reimbursing those who qualify for food stamps who lost food during Hurricane Irma. 

WTOC witnessed the Department of Family and Child services brace for Chatham County residents; residents who fear they are out of luck because they are not on that list. 

Residents tell us when they returned from the evacuation, the foul smell from their home wasn't from flood water but from their refrigerator - grocery supplies they can't afford to replace. When they walk in the doors, they feel fear. When they walk out, they feel a sigh of relief. 

Men and women are grateful to have survived the hurricane, but today, they're still struggling to live. The little amount of food they depended on is gone. 

"My refrigerator was drenched and full of water," said Pauline Bryant. 

Pauline Bryant says she's been there...after Hurricane Matthew. This time, she's not losing sleep. She's taking action. 

"Fill out a form. It's as simple as that," she said. 

Before you head to get a form, do know that you must already be on food stamps. If that's the case, grab the form, fill out your information at the top, and then list the amount of money you lost during the storm. Hand it back and know it will take a little time since the forms are manually processed.

"If approved, then we're able to reimburse them up to 45 percent of what their September benefits were," said Shawn Brown, Chatham County Defax Director. 

  1. The 69 counties who are included in the mass replacement are receiving 45% of their September allotment. These customers do not need to file an F.841 in order to receive this partial replacement.  The benefits will be loaded onto their EBT card automatically.
  2. SNAP recipients who lost food outside of the 71 mass replacement counties can request a replacement of their lost food (they should request the actual amount of their lost food) via a completed F. 841 and return it to the county office by Oct. 2. 

They are still evaluating counties daily to see if they qualify for automatic reimbursement. If Chatham makes the cut...

"They won't have to come in, fill out a form, or do anything if they haven't done that already, but we'll be able to process that automatically for them," Brown said. "Those folks that were already on food stamps, receiving those benefits, still can come in. Many of them already have. You can fill out a replacement form. Those are then being assessed and processed to be able to work together with them."

For now, the form is your best option. 

"Check your resources. You don't have to be hungry. Your children don't have to be hungry," Bryant said. 

When these ladies realized help was just a form away...

"Thank God. Oh, my goodness, my tummy's going to be happy," Bryant said. 

The director also says if you don't qualify for their services, they partner with a lot of organizations in the community. You can still head down there and they can point you in the right direction. 

The form to fill out for Chatham County is not available online. You must go own to DFCS office on Wheaton Street to fill out and submit it. If approved, the SNAP Program will reimburse a percentage of what your September benefits were. 

The deadline to fill out the form is Oct. 2. 

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