City of Savannah looking to hasten emergency response times

City of Savannah looking to hasten emergency response times

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - During a medical emergency, seconds count, so the city of Savannah is looking to quicken response time.

Right now, the city is considering new emergency medical training for Savannah Fire and Emergency Services personnel. The city is asking companies to submit proposals with costs, EMS system trends, staffing requirements and salaries, and new technology. Rather than just being the first to respond, this new, advanced training would give firefighters the medical training to treat people when they get there, getting that emergency medical care to citizens faster.

"If we go to meet this goal in 2023 to provide this basic life support and advanced life support, that means firefighters will start responding to those types of calls of someone having a heart attack, but they will also have the training and the equipment with them to be able to care for these citizens," said Michelle Gavin, Public Information Administrator, Savannah. "So, firefighters would be trained as EMT's and/or paramedics, so they would be able to respond when that 911 call comes in of someone in distress for a medical reason. They would be able to respond."

The end goal is to get emergency medical response times within five minutes.

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