Halloween decorations cause concern for some Long County residents

LONG CO., GA (WTOC) - Some Long County residents were so concerned by Halloween decorations in a barn, they picked up the phone and dialed 911.

Viewers sent in the photo of a scarecrow hanging by a noose from a barn. A shocking scene, but law enforcement says there's not much they can do.

The decorations were on private property. The sheriff told WTOC they own and have the right to decorate however they please. Even if that meant decorations that looked like a body hanging by a noose from that barn.

You can see they still have a smaller version of the noose hanging from outside the barn. The larger scarecrow is now gone. That's because the sheriff drove out here Thursday, spoke with the homeowner, and came to an agreement to take it down.

But the sheriff says he couldn't require them to do so, and certainly couldn't charge them with anything. He says it's private property and he saw no criminal offense.

The sheriff says he was out of town Friday and couldn't meet, but says the situation has been handled and he's moving forward with his job protecting the rest of Long County.

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