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Teen probation violation gives insight to gang culture in Chatham County

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Racking up a half dozen more charges for an already notable rap-sheet. Probation violations, firing a weapon, par the course when it comes to the young, gang lifestyle here in Savannah.  

It could keep one 16-year old locked in detention much longer.  

It was his probation hearing Friday that gave us a window into the violent and sometimes deadly gang lifestyle. 

We're not naming the teen today - not only because he's a minor - but also because of the court's concern for his safety.

The teen admitted to violating numerous conditions of his probation, which he was on for a crime committed back in March.

"He will now be considered for a revocation of the probation he was on and re-sentenced under his original delinquent act," said Charles Loncon, Defense Attorney.

Police found out about those violations after interviewing the teen following the shooting death of 16-year old Jaheim Morris earlier this month. Morris was the teen's half-brother. The teen was in the car with Morris and several others and admitted to returning fire in the September 16th deadly shooting. 

The fact that he had a gun was a probation violation. He told police he carried it for protection. The teen also admitted to police that he was an active member of the 1100 Gang and that the shooting incident that took his half-brother's life was likely retaliation from a rival gang.

That gang involvement is now giving the court and advocates for the teen serious concerns for his safety.

"This child had been caught up in certain, in the violence that has been going on here in Savannah among youth. There are allegations of gang activity being involved, and as such between the gangs, this child has been under threat. And there is serious and very credible concern for his safety," said Loncon.

The teen's probation was ultimately revoked. He will remain in custody, and be transported to an out of county facility for holding for the time being. 

The teen in court Friday had a noticeable scar on his neck. We're told by his lawyer that was where he was shot back on July 4th in that night of shooting incidents in the City Market area of downtown Savannah.

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