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Growth, New Development Good News for Effingham

Our area's booming, and Effingham is among the fastest-growing counties in the nation. Now a new development is literally bringing a new community to the area. We are talking about homes, churches, shops, restaurants and a much-needed new school to accommodate the recent growth spurt.

Here's something you don't hear every day. One tract of land along McCall Road is actually putting more than $3 million into Effingham County's budget. How? Because a few years ago, they sold it for a wastewater treatment plant.

The company didn't need all the land, so it gave it back to Effingham County and a developer came in right away and bought the land. Now he compares the future development here to that of Godley Station in Pooler.

"You'll have nice residential, some commercial such as shopping and a school site and some churches," said county spokesperson Karen Robertson.

Effingham's schools got 500 new students last year. Already renovated elementary schools are overcrowding, so the developer agreed to set aside property for a new school. It will be called Branford Elementary.

"Around 750 students is what it's being built for," said new superintendent Randy Shearouse.

It will help alleviate some of the crowding in schools like Rincon Elementary, which is using portables. And since Effingham's education system is one of the reasons for this rush of residents, Shearouse says the pressure is on to provide up-to-date facilities for these new residents.

"It's just keeping up with growth," he said. "We want our students to have great facilities to go to school and so we're going to have to stay ahead of growth, which will be difficult but we'll try our best to do that."

Not only does the county get money put back in the budget, but the new shops and restaurants will contribute to the tax base, which also means more money for the county.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,

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