Burton 4H Center releases loggerhead turtle

Burton 4H Center releases loggerhead turtle

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Folks with the Burton 4H Center on Tybee released a loggerhead turtle after raising her on their own the last 5 years.

They sent Zoe off into the waters near the Pier. She was a straggler that did not end up hatching in a nest.

They've been raising her at the center for the last 5 years and tracking her growth. They also used it as a learning tool for the thousands of students who come through the center.

Today represents a new beginning for Zoe. It also is a great opportunity for the public.

"They're endangered and threatened depending on which species were talking about so there's not necessarily a lot of them left. Any opportunity that we can educate the public about their uniqueness and their value in the natural world, that's a good thing," said Paul Coote, Burton 4H Center Director.

This is the third turtle they've released in Coote's time with the 4h Center. They put a satellite tracking device to monitor where she goes.

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