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Local grief counselors share advice dealing with tragedy two thousand miles away

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Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas has reached out for certified trauma counselors on social media to speak with its guests and employees.

WTOC met with a local counselor who says choosing to live in fear is the worst option.

Recent outbreaks in Paris, Charlottesville, now Las Vegas - and even right here at home in City Market - stir fears. Following the City Market shooting on July 4th, many viewers told WTOC they would never go out in Savannah at night again.

Monday, even thousands of miles from the Las Vegas attack, these same fears leave people wondering if concerts or any large gatherings are safe anymore.

Dr. Linda Morgan says these feelings are natural, but you can't run from a bullet and you certainly can't let fear have a hold on living life.

"A lot of people think well that's those bad people over there in life I don't like. Or I'm afraid of. Look it, they've done it again. But it was really somebody who was mentally ill, clearly. Or somehow under some kind of influence that made him mentally ill,” said Dr. Morgan, who works with Thunderbolt Counseling Services.

Thunderbolt Counseling Service and multiple other counselors WTOC spoke with Monday say feel free to reach out. Times like these are hard and it takes unity and this "resilience" for us to all move forward together.

Savannah resident Edwin Bradley says watching the shooting in Las Vegas immediately made him think, what would I do?

"When should you and when shouldn't you? I think that's something that you just can't avoid now,” Bradley said. "The first thing running through my head. Duck, dodge, go for safety."

That thought has now brought him to avoid the risk altogether.

"Don't go. Don't go. For the safety of my children and my grands, my daughter, what not. That's just something I wouldn't do,” he said. "The reality is I guess it could happen anywhere."

Dr. Morgan speaks to people's fear daily.

"I know it takes people awhile to get over such fear, especially if they were involved that way,” Dr. Morgan said.

But she truly believes in overcoming fear and adapting to moving forward like she says people have always done.

"I don't mean we adapt to it so we accept it. But they were able to go on with their lives. People are very resilient. I don't think we should sell ourselves short,” Dr. Morgan said.

For Bradley, he says that will take time. Time to heal and time to restore faith.

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