Appling County man returns from Dominica after Maria

Appling County man returns from Dominica after Maria

BAXLEY, GA (WTOC) - Many of us worried Hurricane Maria would target the Southeast and pick up where Irma left off.

But even though it changed its path, its destruction in the Caribbean left an impact one preacher's son from Baxley will never forget.

Jason Grimes had finished his second week at Ross University Medical School on the island of Dominica when locals finally began talking about Maria as a major threat.

"None of us realized how serious it was until the prime minister declared a state of emergency," Grimes said.

Maria plowed through the island during the night. It pulled the windows and doors of his apartment out from their frames and took away part of the roof.

"At that point, I grabbed pillows and hid in my shower and started praying," he said.

He could see damage by daylight. He hiked through debris to get to his campus and waited there seven days before he got to evacuate.

In that time, he saw more than a week's worth of suffering. Jason says this experience will make him a better physician and able to understand the disasters of others.

Grimes says he'll go back to Dominica to resume medical school whenever the school resumes classes.

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