Anchor recounts chaos during mass shooting in Las Vegas

Anchor recounts chaos during mass shooting in Las Vegas

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Las Vegas is a huge tourist town - bringing people from all of the U.S. and even the world to see the Vegas Strip.

So many people are impacted by the shooting in Las Vegas. We spoke with a journalist of the WTOC-Raycom media team. She was there last night and was caught in the chaos.

"I immediately go up to the officer and ask what's going on," said Felicia Bolton, Memphis Anchor, WMC. "She tells me, 'Everyone must head north right now. There is an active shooter or shooters.'"

A weekend getaway with her fiancée quickly turned into a nightmare - a tragedy. Not exactly what Memphis anchor, Felicia Bolton, dreamed of in a city known for its nightlife and good times.

"I was apart of a crowd of people who were running for safety," said Bolton.

Bolton and her fiancée were on the Vegas strip when a gunman, who police have identified as, Stephan Paddock unleashed rounds of fire on concert goers. She says sight-seeing quickly turned into survival.

"As we were walking down the stairs just looking at the scenery here in Las Vegas, I noticed a crowd of people that were running north on the strip," said Bolton.

She says as a journalist, she knew this wasn't good.

"Immediately I see several police officers on the strip. These officers are armored and had high powered rifles of some sort in their hands," said Bolton.

"In that process of everything while we were on lockdown for a moment of my time, I actually went into the bathroom and I started to say a prayer and consoled myself and sought out some type of safety because I felt safe in the restroom," Bolton continues.

Thankfully, Felicia Bolton and her fiancé are okay, but she says the city is certainly still on high alert.

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