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Hardeeville police chief comments on card skimming bust

(Source: Yemassee PD) (Source: Yemassee PD)
(Source: Yemassee PD) (Source: Yemassee PD)
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Hardeeville's police chief hopes federal investigators help them bust a credit card skimming ring. Those skimmers could affect gas stations in cities all along the I-95 corridor from Florida to Maine.

They think several guys from Florida are placing these skimmers at gas pumps all over. They just heard from a department in New Jersey that found them on gas pumps there.

Alberto Yordan and Katty Rios are still in jail but figuring out the scope of the crime they're accused of will be a lot tougher than solving most crimes.

"They can travel up and down I-95, get off the interstate quick, do what they got to do quick, get back on the interstate, and go to the next town. That's what's happened here,” said Hardeeville police chief Sam Woodward.

So far, skimmers have been found in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and New Jersey. Investigators fear gas stations all along this corridor could be affected.

"They're staying one step ahead of us and that's never a good thing if they're staying one step ahead of us. We need to get ahead of them somehow someway,” said Woodward.

Right now, the chief has retired law enforcement from Beaufort County reviewing more than a hundred hours of surviellance video. They’re trying to place these suspects at this Exxon in Hardeeville.

"Hopefully the federal government is going to get involved in it also. Hopefully we can move forward and try to find the whole group of guys and girls that may be involved in this thing and put a stop to it also,” said Woodward.

As for the suspects, the chief said they've been looking for Yordan for months but have not been able to figure out who he was or arrest him.

"These guys move around. They don't stay in one place long. Like I said, Yemassee got lucky. That in turn gave us that little bit of luck so thank God for that,” said Woodward.

The skimmers may have been on gas pumps for as long as 5 months. This is the fourth time they've been found at this gas station.

The chief added they need every victim of credit card fraud to call them. The suspects face an additional felony charge for every victim. You can call your local police or Hardeeville police to report that.

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