Sand dune recovery project to start soon on Tybee

Sand dune recovery project to start soon on Tybee

TYBEE ISLAND, GA (WTOC) - Two big named storms have hit within one year of each other, and now Tybee Island is really feeling the effects.

Maintenance work from Hurricane Matthew was scheduled to begin on Tybee Beach toward the end of the year, but then Tropical Storm Irma delayed that from happening and caused even more damage.

Having sand dunes in place is necessary for the island to fight against storm surges. However, Irma and Hurricane Matthew both tore into what is left of the current dunes and caused the recovery process to be delayed.

The project was initially going to cost about $700,000, but now that price tag will more than likely increase.

The Dune Remediation Project was scheduled to happen earlier this month on the north end of the beach. But, when asked when the project would start, Tybee's mayor told us things are still in the processing phase.

"Right now, they're in the process of completing their survey to see how much sand was lost, and when that's completed, we'll get an idea of how much funding we can hopefully expect from federal government. If we don't get what we need from them we'll work to get the money locally to rebuild things quickly as possible," said Jason Buelterman, Mayor of Tybee Island.

Volunteers have spent hours helping to restore things on the island as best they can, but it will still take a lot more time to improve conditions.

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