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Comparing gun laws: Georgia vs. Nevada

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The tragedy in Las Vegas has many people comparing Nevada's gun laws to those in their own state. 

Georgia has more latitude for buying guns than many critics want, but the state's laws are more restrictive than Nevada. Georgia requires a carry license for anyone carrying a gun outside their home, business, or vehicle. That license includes a background check and 60-day waiting period. It also prohibits fully automatic weapons and shotguns or rifles with sawed-off barrels and silencers. Those are available for law enforcement and military use. Civilians can own automatic weapons if they were made before 1986 gun restrictions went into effect. Those are now rare, expensive, and require a federal background check, a local application, and fee. 

"Some out there are grandfathered. Because of the finite number of them, the prices are very expensive. It's not uncommon for a $20,000 or $30,000 machine gun to be sold for that or more," said Alan Anderson, Southeastern Gun Supply. 

On the flip side, Georgia does not require a waiting period to purchase a firearm. It does not restrict how much ammo you can buy at one time or how many rounds a firearm can hold. It also allows gun owners to carry publicly if they have a carry license. 

We asked Anderson if they've seen an increase or decrease in customers since the attack in Las Vegas. He says they're seeing more traffic and more phone calls for two unique reasons. 

Anderson says they've seen more customers and had more people calling with questions this week in the aftermath of the tragic mass shooting. He says they're getting two different kinds of inquiries. 

"We're hearing some people saying things like that they think it's time for them to buy a gun for protection. Other people who are already customers are coming in looking to buy things they think might be restricted soon, like higher capacity magazines and AR-15s," Anderson said. 

They're certainly not alone as shops get more inquiries. 

Anderson expects the debate over gun regulations to increase in the wake of this tragedy and we'll see where that debate leads. 

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