Top Teacher: Julie Olson

Top Teacher: Julie Olson

SPRINGFIELD, GA (WTOC) - Eighth Grade can be a tough time for a lot of students. Add tougher classes and more homework, and it can make for a long year.

One teacher at Effingham Middle School tries to be a steady hand during some turbulent times. She's this week's WTOC Top Teacher.

Julie Olson teaches Eighth Grade math at the middle school.

"Some of the work we do is really difficult. It's tough, but I let them know they have to keep trying. You keep at it, keep practicing, you are going to get it," Olson said.

It's the thirteenth year she has been teaching in Effingham County, and there's no place she would rather be.

"I've always known I wanted to be a teacher. It's my calling. I think I was born to teach and I always knew I would," she said.

"To see that learning is fun and that they can learn and that education is the key to everything; their way out of whatever situation they may be in now. Education is everything,"

Olson knows middle school is a critical age for students and tries to instill it in them to never give up.

"Really it's just seeing something click, seeing them get it and how it makes them feel, and helping them grow and helping them want to achieve their goals. One of my teachers instilled that in me, where you keep trying, don't give up," Mrs. Olson said.

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