Summer Campers Avoid Heat with Indoor Activities

This afternoon's downpour cleared up the air around Savannah and cooled things down. Before the rain, temperatures almost reached 100 degrees. The intense heat and humidity made being outside almost unbearable, especially for youngsters who spend most of their day outside.

Today we visited a summer day camp to see how kids are dealing with the heat. Since it is just so hot outside, counselors are scrambling to make sure campers stay cool and have plenty of activities to keep them busy indoors.

For the almost 200 children at Camp Venture on Whitemarsh Island this week, there is one very steamy memory they'll take away from summer camp.

"Hot, very hot, so hot," said Marcus Hopper, 8.

And camper Tyler Fulcher told us, "I just want to go inside."

"It's like fire outside," eight-year-old Daniel Hayes said. "It's like 150 degrees."

Actually the high temperature was 98 degrees outside, but with heat index it feels like 110 to 115.

"It's tough being outside all day, especially when it's hot, especially on the little kids, some of them can't take it," said counselor Jimmy Stettler.

While counselors are scrambling to make sure kids stay hydrated and cool, they are also making sure they have plenty to do inside, like play basketball.

"We try to look out for their health, get them inside as much as possible," said Stettler.

"I like being outside, but sometimes it gets so hot that you don't want to be outside anymore," said Megan Johnson, 12.

And as you can imagine, the highlight of everyone's day is being in the pool. As camper Daniel Hayes put it, "You get cold and it feels good."

Reported by: Hena Daniels,