Storm debris removal delays continue in Chatham County

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Chatham County officials gave an update Friday on the delay of debris removal left behind by Irma.

Chatham County Manager Lee Smith told county commissioners that the county is essentially on an island by itself as far as resources go, referencing the extreme difficulty of getting manpower currently tied up in other hard-hit states.

With the shortage of resources, the county is again asking for patience and assuring residents that they will work with what they have to continue removing storm debris.

"They keep promising more. They keep looking at their resources trying to find more people to bring in, and the county manager is absolutely correct. The ones they do get ahold of either can't afford to come, or they can't get certified to meet the insurance requirements," said Robert Drewry, Chatham County, Director, Public Works.

Smith says they're working to get two county inmate work crews together to help with the debris pickup.

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