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Good Samaritan brothers rescue pregnant woman from I-16 wreck

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A Monday morning trip to work on I-16 is one two brothers will never forget. 

An average trip to work turned into anything but for Jonathan and Adrian Martinez, when they saw a car flipped over in the median of Interstate 16 near the Dean Forest Road Exit.  

"As soon as we saw that, I signaled to my brother to go ahead and pull over," Jonathan Martinez said. "As he was pulling over, I was already jumping out of the truck to try to go render some type of aid."

As he got closer to the car, Jonathan saw a somewhat frantic man who'd escaped from it. 

"Once we made eye contact, he let me know, 'Hey can you help? My wife is seven months pregnant. She's in the vehicle,'" he said. "At that point, my hair stood up because I actually have a wife back home who is pregnant. So, I squatted down trying to find this woman."

Pinned inside, the woman didn't have any visible injuries. Jonathan's brother, Adrian, turned off the car, and the two of them and another man on the scene were able to flip it onto the guardrail. They asked her husband if they could break the windshield to get her out of the car, and when he said yes, gave the woman a work blanket to cover her face and body.

"We pulled the sledgehammer out, with his permission, and busted the windshield out and laid some blankets out for the lady and extracted her from the vehicle," Adrian said. 

Firefighters and EMS were all rushed to the scene shortly after, and the Georgia State Patrol is investigating.  

The brothers said they didn't do it for recognition, but because it was the right thing to do.

"It's just the Good Samaritan in us," Jonathan said. "Our mother raised us to help others. Do to others as you want done to yourself, and when we [saw] that, I mean without hesitation. Like I said, the truck was still moving, and I was already out. I feel like were placed there at the right time to do what we did."

Adrian said, "We were just able to help, so wherever we can help, we do."

Especially with lots of divisiveness in the country right now, they said this is a small example of the good that's still here.

"Help out," Jonathan said. "I think that's a good thing to do. As Americans, I think that's what we need to get back in this country is helping each other out. Forget about all the politics. It's about being a Good Samaritan and doing your job as an American."

Jonathan lives in Las Vegas and is town visiting his brother. He left the day before the deadly shooting.

"If I was there in Las Vegas, I would've done the same thing and helped provide aid," he said. "I'm glad that I was here actually being able to do something, and be a Good Samaritan."

Monday wasn't the first time Adrian has come o someone's rescue. He said in 2016, he did CPR on a man in cardiac arrest until emergency medical personnel arrived.  

According to the Georgia State Patrol, one car blew a tire, and it slowed to pull over into the median. Then, another vehicle hit the car from behind and forced it to ride up the guardrail. Troopers say the woman wanted to be taken to the hospital to be checked out. 

The wreck backed up traffic for over an hour.

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