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Good News: SCCPSS Military Connections Conference

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Military children are used to moving around, but that's not something that ever gets easier for some.

"It's always a challenge when military families move mid-school year or even in summertime,” said Lieutenant Colonel Ken Dwyer, the Garrison Commander at Hunter Army Airfield. “When you’re talking about right before a student's junior year, senior year or anytime in their school lives, it’s difficult.’

The Savannah-Chatham County Public School System was looking at ways to ease those transitions and be better equipped to help military children however they can at the Superintendent's Conference for Military-Connected Families on Tuesday.

"We are a school district that serves more than 2,000 students that connected to the military,” said SCCPSS Superintendent Dr. Ann Levett. “We wanted to make sure that our staff is fully acquainted with how to best serve those students. Many of our staff members are also connected to the military.’’

LTC Dwyer is a parent of children in local public schools. He shared his thoughts at the conference, which also included subject-specific breakout sessions.

"It is the number one concern of all families that have school-aged children when they move. What are the schools like? How are my kids going to be integrated into these schools? So, it's extremely important for us to get out here and be part of that process,” he said.

A welcome part and an important part according to Dr. Levett.

"He knows what it's like,” said Dr. Levett. “His children are part of the district and so it's great having his feedback about how effective our programming is. It's also great because we have a good connection with him, so he can give us feedback about how we can improve.”

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