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Metro Police moving out of Whitefield Precinct

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Savannah-Chatham police officers will move out of a brand new police precinct by the end of the month. 

The move comes at the request of county leaders ahead of next year's police demerger. 

Less than six months ago, county leaders held a ribbon cutting at the precinct, boasting in the increase in law enforcement visibility for folks in unincorporated Chatham County. Now, they're telling police officers to get out. 

The building will be vacant by Nov. 1. The county plans to use the facility as part of their new county police department next February. Many residents expressed concern about what this means for their police protection. The city manager says the chief promises him this will make no difference. Officers will still ride their assigned beats and respond to calls. They'll do so out of the Islands Precinct and the Southwest Chatham Precinct. Additionally, the council has allocated money for temporary substations. The city manager understands the move from the county perspective. He is still disappointed they haven't paid back money owed to the city as determined by the Berkshire Study. 

"We did all that. The results were in and the county chose not to abide by those recommendations. At any rate, we believe there are monies owed to the city for services that we have provided in the unincorporated area on behalf of unincorporated residents, and the city expects the county to fulfill its financial obligations," Rob Hernandez, Savannah City Manager, said. 

That money, by the way, is in the millions. The county manager tells us he has a meeting with the city manager on Friday to discuss it. 

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