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SCMPD working to find person or people behind gas pump skimmer

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Police are encouraging anyone who may have gotten gas at a specific Savannah gas station to keep a close eye on their bank accounts.

Just last week, officers found a skimmer on a pump at the Citgo gas station on Habersham Street. They do believe it's an isolated incident. The manager said all is well there now. They're checking their pumps more frequently now.

The Secret Service tipped off the police to this issue last week. They noticed a lot of the victims had gotten gas here. Looking through Facebook, we found a lot of people who had lost thousands of dollars in some cases.

Officers said the employees here are cooperating in finding the people behind this. However, finding them is a difficult task. They don't believe the skimmer was on the pump for a long time. They encourage everyone to look at their bank accounts and file a report if something is off.

"We want people to just kind of recognize and make sure that they're paying attention to their statements so if they notice any type of charges that shouldn't be happening, if they're able to tell us right away then we can, it's a lot easier for us to try to see where these charges are taking place, and we can try to find surveillance and so forth,” said Detective Meghan Whitfield with SCMPD.

Police do have advice for people when they are buying gas. Losing hundreds, even thousands, of dollars is something no one wants to experience even if they're bank will reimburse them.

"Advice for the consumer is just to make sure that when you're paying at the pump, make sure that there's nothing that looks suspicious on the pump. Make sure there's no broken tape,” said Whitfield. “Make sure that the door's not open in any way when you're paying for the transaction. We also suggest that you do pay inside. It's easier to notice if there is anything suspicious."

Police said there is really no way to know just how many victims there really are. Police are working with the store employees here to find out who put the skimmers on the pump. They do not believe the gas station had anything to do with the issue.

Police in Yemassee, SC arrested two people last month after police found stolen credit cards and a credit card skimmer after a traffic stop.

Alberto Yordan, of Florida and Katty Rios, of New York, were arrested Thursday afternoon. Both are facing multiple charges.

Officers found cash, money orders, credit cards and a skimmer in the car.

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